Wednesday, November 21, 2007

22 NOV 2007

2dae, is a nice n BORING dae.....

no mood to do anything...coz bout YESTERDAE! trying to enjoy lyfe, but can't! many problems had occured... really dunno wat to do...

HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!!


21 NOV 2007

[Why?] [Why?] [Why?]

why i made tat fight!? i musn't! but, itz too late... i already did... :( he already made his decision.
but it's okay....

i HATE him anyway... i really pissed him off.. i did tat, 4 a reason.. a reason tat he musn't noe....


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

21 NOV 2007( 2nd blog)

i will alwaes rmbr my GOD BROTHER's advise to me.. i won't 4get bout it..

i PROMISE.. n i will use it..


21 NOV 2007

Gettin boring every minute.. dunno wat to do. wait animation to render!
so slow...

finally, 2dae wen i online, my god bro online too.. poor thing, he already lost his luv. :( but, he will not find another girl. he will wait for her till she's marry. dis gerl muz be so important to him. hope he's okay.

2dae, we show our work to the principle and he gave so many comments n we have to RE-DO everything. so tired! i was thinking when will my holidae start?? poor me n all the animation members. took so long juz to finish one project! luckily we entered only one competition.

This is our 3rd week coming to cca!! actually, the beginning of the week aft the scul holidae, all sec 3 students have enrichment programme. i have to go..then, aft the enrichment programme, i hav CCA! lyk there's no holidae for us seyyy! can not complain coz it's our work, n we muz do it. many students alwaes complain, but i dont.. i juz feeling free to help the scul.. i dont care want the others say.. i jus want to help.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

19 Nov 2007

2dae, is e normal dae 4 me... go work..please e teacher n our coach..
while i do my work, i chat wif farhan.. the *guy*..haha
he told me tat, during e holidaes he will go to


itz so unfair! dis hoildae i confirm not goin anywhere( overseas).. :(

but, still i go out wif my family....around singapore.. hehe

BTW, iam sooo sry for farhan.... i juz knew...


Saturday, November 17, 2007

18 NOV 2007

aloha... dunno watz happening wif the blog date n time... but tatz okay...

2dae, itz another boring dae.... n itz raining... :'(

btw, 2dae my grandma n my cuzzins come to my house.. all my cuzzins are younger than me.. so, i dun hav much fun.. i been shouting here n there coz my cuzzin keep destroying my things... i juz hav to be patient wif my cuzzin. :P


Thursday, November 15, 2007

16 NOV 2007


2dae, i had so much fun. early in e morning i chat wif a


n my *COACH* n azianah KAYPO chatting wif him too...hehe..
he's an OKAY guy, itz juz tat i really dun noe him, as in person. we once met, but didn't talk.

well, 2dae is AFIQ 's bdae! hope he's happy.

i juz couldn't 4get bout the CHAT! it's so hilarious..
suddenly, he tell me sumthing, that really make me laugh.
he said that last nite he had a , WET DREAM! (i was laughing, but i dunno wat he meant..hehe)..... nw, i noe wat is a wet dream..hehe..
den he ask me bout wan(my ex).. he ask me, whether i treat him as a Fren or a Stranger... i told him i treat him as a fren, but sumtymes as a stranger......hoping i treat him as a *boyfriend* again..hoping...
but, i don't think he will agree.. :')(tatz ok)
den, he tell me bout dis *sumone*,e person tat he lyk....

well, it's juz a chat!.. hahaha.. a hilarous chat!!!

nex iam goin to talk bout... my ex *fren*.....

i 1st noe him, is wen, he came to my house wif my ex, 4 raya.... he is annoying, wen he laugh.. talking bout my hamster, all the tym... wat a strange guy...


this evening, me, azianah, my mum n my bros, went to the playground.. for fun...
my bros play while my mum accompanied them.. me n azianah, was walking around my area, as we hav nothin to do.. hahahaha.....

den, wen i went to the playground, i saw dis *GUY*, the guy i once lyke last tym.... his quite skinny... lyke to play soccer all the time, wif his fren under the blk... (boys.... wat to expect, play soccer all e time)....

2dae is quite a fun dae..... amazing.... i think single lyfe rox..... itz much better, than in a relationship..... i hav 2 admit tat...

i rather be single than in a relationship...... :D


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

15 NOV 2007

my very 1st bl0g:

an0ther dae to go to scUl.. ppl were sleeping, n we



hav to go 2 scul to get ouR ProjEcts, done... :'( so sadd...ppl were enj0ying their holidAes, while we r enjoying e air-con in e animation rm.. haha. ( FRRREEZZINGGG in there..., warning, children 3 yrs old n bel0w are disallowed in this rm..) hehe..

well, todae is another normal dAe, for me.. early in e morning, g0 cca n do our work.. actually my work is DONE! iam juz came to enjoy using the internet.

i juz rmbr 2dae is my, * CLASSMATE* bdae. Juz wish him a



(no presentz included) n btw, 2mrw is my FREN bdae.. i already wish him a happy belated bdae yesterdae.iam so *KIND*..hehe....


hope i didnt mit my EX on e way home..itz so a bad luck last tym. i tried to 4get bout hym, but i cant. iam juz tryin to 4get the thingz tat we did last tym, N, hope we get a very NEW START. i try contacting hym, but failed.. i think he's trying to avoid me! but, i could'nt think tat way. he muz hav his own reasons. iam so sry if i hurt his feelings..we broke up n it all thnx 2 me. itz all my fault.. there's so many reasons y we have ears! n i noe i didnt use it wen me n HIM r having e conversation..........wat a WASTE!

i really hope he forgiv me, 2 wat i've done to him. :(

i dun wan to talk bout tat anymore... itz giving me the TEARZ... :'(

signing OUT>>>>>