Friday, March 28, 2008

28 march 08-Friday

It been since a long time i have not written a single blog since my last post. I've been thinking and thinking about problems and stuff so, there's no time to make a single post. iam feeling a bit down these daes, but hopefully things will work out the nex few daes, perhaps?

Today, is quite a great day. Meet my best friend and 'him'. Nt going to tell u guys, who?..

last weds, all the animation club members went to nanyang poly, for a very important course. so important tat we couldn't miss it, says Our teacher.. we went there for 3 hrs and after that all of us were exhausted because the course is making us stress. the course is about how to make an application as we are joining a competition that include a nokia hp??? what the heck, i don't know. but, the thing i knew is that this is a very important competition, says our teacher again..but i prefer the competition that we plan to send to UK! Yahooo!! if our clip make it to the finals of the 'yoscars award', we have the chance to go to UK! love our school! i should not be over-excited as we have not send the clip to UK..humph... i have to be patient as we have to make a little adjusments to our clip.. wish us a very very good luck..

And also, last weds, a few of our members could not attend the course as they have a course of their own at NYP, too.. especially, 'him', my animation club memebers.. (hehe), no need to know who...

he msg me that he want to meet mr shawn, our trainer. his course ended at 6pm, same as ours, and he want to go home with us.. by that, iam so HAPPY... when the course ended, we met him..he is so handsome! omg! in the bus, i separated with my best friend(nothing better to do actually...solo for 1 dae, cn ryte?). iam so bored so i listen to the music.. concentrating on my music(ceyy), then i place my beg beside me as no one was sitting beside me..suddenly, 'HE' carry my bag and put it on my lap and sat beside me! omg... i asked him, ' why u sit here?'(in malay).. he said' wrong is it?' (in malay).. then, i kept quiet and just listen to the music because, i know his behaviour, if iam irritating, he will get away...luckily, i just kept quiet.hehehe! iam so understanding...
BTW, Its my 1ST time sitting beside HIM!!!hhehehehe!!! love that dae!! iam soo happy, till nw!!

so, signing out!
love 26 march 2008! love it very much!!
(and iam confused, y i like 'it' so much?)

seri mai aka strepsil girl

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